Mr Pickles’ Budget Friendly Steaks

Budget Friendly Steaks

We think there’s little finer than steak and chips. Add a few tomatoes, a griddled portobello mushroom and a bit of salad, and you’ve got one of our favourite meals. And, although steak can be quite expensive, we don’t think this always has to be the case. Here at Mr Pickles’ Yorkshire Food Emporium, we buy in the whole cow so we can offer a full range of steaks – to suit any budget.

Here are some of the more budget friendly steaks that we stock in our Abbeydale Road based store. Why not give one a try next time you pop in?

Featherblade: This cut comes from the shoulder of the cow and is quite a hard working muscle. With a feather of gristle running through the middle, some like to strip the top and bottom sections away from this gristle and serve the meat as flat irons.
How to Cook: We can slice featherblade steaks to your required thickness and, although you’ll need to eat around the little section of gristle, we think this is a very small price to pay given the flavour of this budget steak! Alternatively this cut is great braised whole – low and slow in stock and red wine. After a few hours, the meat turns fall apart tender whilst the gristle melts down and becomes deliciously unctuous.

Shoulder Tenderloin: Another cut from the shoulder area, the tenderloin is best cooked fast and hot. It has a similar shape to the fillet and rumour has it that some unscrupulous restaurants used to serve the tenderloin instead of fillet in an attempt to save money!
How to Cook: We wouldn’t claim that shoulder tenderloin is as tender as fillet, but it is a good steak in its own right. Simply cook rare to medium rare and enjoy as you would any other steak. Alternatively, it’s a good option for a quick cook stir fry.

Pope’s Eye: Not many know the pope’s eye exists, never mind where to find it! Located near the rump of the cow, this steak is also known as spider steak thanks to the web like appearance of the marbling that runs through it. With only two pope’s eye steaks to each cow, with each one only weighing around 300g, this really is a rare cut and, if you are eager to try it, we recommend you ask us to set one aside for you.
How to Cook: Both tasty and tender you can cook this as a steak to your own liking, but, as a rule, we wouldn’t recommend any more than medium.

Chuck Eye: Taken from the very centre of the chuck muscle, which sits in front of the forerib, this is essentially the poor man’s version of the ribeye steak. And although it’s not quite as tender or flavoursome as the ribeye, it’s proving very popular with our customers and we recommend it to any steak fan looking to try something new.
How to Cook: Like the ribeye, the chuck eye has a good level of marbling so we recommend you serve it at the medium side of rare, just to soften up a little of that fat.

Hanger Steak: Otherwise known as the onglet in France, the hanger is located very close to the diaphragm and, for a long time, it was classed as offal. But, although it has a very slight tang of offal flavour to it, the hanger has increased in popularity over recent years as people have started to realise how tasty it is. Which explains why it’s also known as the butcher’s cut – it was the one cut that the butchers would sneak home with them! Now the hanger has seen a bit of a come back and it’s often found in good steak restaurants.
How to Cook: We like to serve it rare, to medium rare. Cooked any longer and the meat will turn tough.

For more advice and recommendations, just head to Mr Pickles’ on Abbeydale Road and our team will help you find the perfect steak for your budget and taste.

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