Pickles’ Picks – Scotch Eggs from Liberty Foods

scotch eggs

One of the greatest things about working at Mr Pickles’ is that we work very closely with the produce we sell. And, as we’re all food lovers, we’re quite happy living, breathing and, obviously, eating Yorkshire food. Whether we’re giddy for the return of our favourite seasonal vegetables, eyeing up one of the limited edition beers or seriously craving one of our fine steaks, we spend most of our days resisting the urge to eat everything in the store.

And of all the days of the week, Thursdays are particularly difficult. Especially for Sophie as this is when we have our scotch eggs delivered. And Sophie has a bit of a soft spot for our scotch eggs.

Made by Totley-based Liberty Foods, our scotch eggs are often hailed to be the very best in Sheffield. And, just by looks alone, it’s easy to see why. As well as their enticingly golden breadcrumb coating, one of the first things you’ll notice is their sheer size. They’re huge; much bigger than anything we’ve seen in any supermarket.

Slicing into the scotch egg you’ll find a good sausage meat to egg ratio, allowing the spicy pork to add flavour but not so much that it dominates. And this is something you’ll appreciate the importance of as soon as you bite into the egg. It’s a ‘proper’ egg. An egg that tastes just how eggs should taste.

Now, all our fresh produce looks at its absolute best when it first comes into the store, but our freshly cooked scotch eggs are something else. They fill the shop with a deliciously intense savoury smell that is bound to get the mouth watering.

So it’s no wonder that it’s often too much for Sophie to resist and she’ll often have one on her Thursday break. She simply slices one into quarters and eats it as it comes. For Sophie, any additional chutney or relish would the smoother the flavours. A pale ale would be her ideal accompaniment, but a cup of Yorkshire tea is a great choice if, like Sophie, you’re enjoying your egg at work.

If you’d like to try one of our scotch eggs, why not pop into our Abbeydale Road based store? We’re open from 8am to 8pm 7 days a week and we also stock pork pies from Liberty Foods. You’ll find both the pies and eggs in our cooked food and cheese counter.

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